Would You LikeTo Create Your Dream Life

Wendy Johnson Author of Dreams, Mysteries and Magic

  • Are you single and worried about traveling by yourself?

  • Would you like some travel tips for stunning areas in the UK and Europe?

  • Are you an arm-chair traveler who loves an informative, thought provoking adventure?

  • Have you ever thought you'd like to live and work in another country?

  • Are you just accepting what life throws at you? 

  • Are you at a cross-road, wanting to create your dream life? 

  • Do you need some inspiration to escape the RUT RACE? 

  • Are you a skeptic, and think the spirit world is hogwash? 

  • Do you want to start to develop your own clairvoyant gifts? 

  • Do you enjoy a beautiful, true love story? 

If any of the above resonates with you, then you will love
Dreams, Mysteries & Magic.


This is an inspiring story of a Melbourne woman, who at the age of fifty-three, embraces change in every area of her life.
Wendy Johnson describes her life, work and travels around England. 

Her book includes fascinating trips to the Continent and the Middle East, new relationships and her amazing spiritual journey. True life can be stranger and more wonderful than fiction. 

Wendy is also an artist and keen photographer with a passion for natural beauty.

"If Eat Pray Love's Elizabeth Gilbert was a bit more spiritually aware, she might have written a book like Dreams, Mysteries and Magic. Aussie author Wendy Johnson is 53 years old when she decides to up stumps and travel around England, Europe and the Middle East. Johnson who is also an artist and photographer, is a seeker who isn't afraid to try everything from auras to meditation to mediums. Romance is also high on the list. Filled with Johnson's paintings and travel snaps, Dreams, Mysteries and Magic charts a fascinating personal journey that will appeal to open minded readers."

Verdict: magical mystery tour
Colin Vickery, Herald Sun Weekend, Oct 8 2011
"True life can be stranger and more wonderful than fiction.  An inspiring travelogue from this Melbourne woman, join her as she wends her way through Britain, Europe and the Middle East, sharing her challenges, insights and learning.  Using the tarot card "The Fool" as her guide, her story unfolds as it uplifts.  Colour photos compliment the pages nicely."

Inner Self Magazine
An inspirational, thought provoking, motivational book: it brings out the greatness in you.
A journey to uplift your life, a wonderful message in every page.

Anna Tonkin.PhD

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