smallerDear Reader,

You will no doubt need an explanation of my front cover:- I am being shown my future. The Fool card in Tarot is often represented by a young man, but in this case it is me, setting off for the unknown, full of optimism, wonder and curiosity. The Fool is the Spirit in search of experience, ready to confront his fears and take risks, sometimes showing eccentricity, childish naivety and folly. In normal playing cards, the equivalent card is the Joker, the versatile card of infinite possibilities. During a tarot reading the card may be interpreted as a warning that significant change is coming.

The Fool usually has a little dog nipping at his heals, representing distractions of the real world but the fool takes little notice and goes on his merry way. The dog is also there to urge him forward, warn him of danger and to protect him. He is intuition. A small bag of possessions that the Fool carries on his staff indicates he has all he needs for his adventure.

My personalized Tarot card shows me just about to take a blind leap of faith, off the cliff. The slightly choppy sea represents my emotional ups and downs and travelling overseas. The rose, often carried by the Fool, represents a love of beauty and also symbolized for me the special romance that is woven through these pages. Butterflies are symbolic of freedom and transformation and the rainbow, a magical and uplifting phenomenon, symbolizes my love of colour and the luck I had on my journey. Other details shall become clear through the book.

My true story describes the most amazing adventure of my life. It needs no exaggeration. What started out as a physical journey, also became a spiritual journey full of synchronicities and surprises. Prepare to step out of your comfort zone with an open mind and join me on my travels.

Remember, the greatest adventures are led by your heart not your head.
Let go of control and trust that you will be guided through the unexpected.

Bon Voyage,